We all know that with greater risk can come greater reward, and this is certainly the case when one is considering investing in alternative stocks. Let’s take a look at three stocks from three different industries that operate in disruptive industries. From healthcare that is patient-guided to the expanding roles of blockchain technologies and AI, there are a lot of options for investors who are looking for further diversification of their portfolios.

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning

Cognex (CGNX) – What started as a barcode reading equipment company has evolved into one of the most exciting manufacturing disrupters. Their latest technology utilizes a deep-learning system that streamlines the assembly line process to provide further automation. To date, this tech has been implemented in building cell phones and other products that require a tedious level of attention to detail. The software is able to better detect flaws and errors and can increase production times exponentially. Robotics are definitely an important part of the future of manufacturing, and Cognex has shown themselves to be consistently ahead of the pack.

Blockchain Technology

BTCS (BCTS: US) – if you want to dip your toe into the blockchain pool without putting too much capital at risk, this penny stock is worth a closer look. BTCS is currently trading at $0.04 which makes it a great candidate for blockchain novices. This firm started out as a crypto-accessories provider that has now moved into the crypto-coin mining space. The fact that they are pursuing mining initiatives for multiple currency types is an added bonus and indicative of the firm’s comprehensive approach to growth. We have an eye on this company and have been impressed with their adaptability and eagerness to move into the next area of development once they have succeeded in their current market.


Teledoc (TDOC) – as technology advances, the axiom of “There’s an app for that”  becomes more and more apt. With the IPO of this app-based medical service, the healthcare industry has gotten a large dose of disruption! We like this alternative stock because healthcare is an industry that we already understand and with which we have personal experience. The program allows you to communicate with health care providers from the comfort of your home, and at a fraction of the cost. We see this as a more accessible type of concierge medicine and think that busy Americans will opt for a virtual doctor’s visit whenever possible.  If you are looking to create a more forward-thinking portfolio profile but are leery of tech companies whose business model you don’t quite understand, this is a great stock choice.

We believe in the importance of constantly expanding our horizons and staying ahead of the market. Alternative investment stocks are a straightforward and exciting way to keep abreast of the market’s latest developments while also providing our portfolios with further diversification. Healthcare, blockchain technology, and machine learning are three industries that are currently experiencing a high level of disruption and offer many investment opportunities.