Bloom EnergyInvestors looking for the top alternative stocks under $10 can expand their options by looking slightly outside of their target price ranges. Bloom Energy (NYSE: BE) has broken the $10 barrier, but it remains a highly affordable stock and a strong investment for future energy.

Bloom Energy sells on-site energy solutions, allowing businesses and homes to personalize their power delivery using sustainable methods. The company’s proprietary fuel cells can be used to store energy from wind and photovoltaic systems, as well as other novel systems still in development. Bloom Energy efficient fuel cell systems have proven to be popular in commercial markets. In 2017, revenue increased 80.30% year over year. In 2018, it increased 97.35%.

Due to revenue growth, efficiency improvements, and tax benefits, the company posted a 624.11% income gain in 2018, allowing it to generate a profit margin of 15.02% on earnings. The demand for renewable energy solutions is increasing. Battery cell storage for commercial and residential use will be critical to the success of the clean energy market. Bloom Energy offers a popular solution with proven technology, and it’s a strong pick for any investor wanting a stake in the clean energy revolution.

Key Data:

  • YTD Price Growth: 55%
  • 3 Month Price Growth: -5.04%
  • 1 Month Price Growth: 60%


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