GoldGold Stock has strong parallels to alternative energy. It is used as a major component in semiconductors, solar technology, and battery technology. Bargain investors focusing on clean energy can use gold to complement wider portfolios. Gold Fields Ltd. (NYSE: GFI) costs less than $10 today and even has a dividend for income.

Gold Fields is a South African company based in Johannesburg. It operates gold mines in Australia, South Africa, Peru, and Ghana. Formed in 1968, the company generates more than $42 billion per year and operates with a gross margin of 27.77%. This company is one of the best performers in its industry. In the previous full fiscal year, it generated revenue growth of 25.50%, outpacing most of its competitors. It’s a highly efficient company, generating more than $7.5 million in revenue per employee, per year.

The company’s strong output, both in terms of gold yield and finances, has inspired analyst confidence. The average target price of $12.64 suggests there will be an upside for new investors. The highest target price of $16.00 hints at significant growth if gold prices remain strong.

With a dividend yield of 1.36%, this stock also generates an income return, making it more compelling than most bargain-bin stocks today.

Key Data:

  • 1 Year Price Growth: 06%
  • YTD Price Growth: -0.97%
  • 3 Month Price Growth: -18.98%

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