American Battery American Battery Metals Corp. (OTC: ABML) is an American lithium battery company focused on battery recycling, exploration, mining, and extraction. With lithium becoming key to several industries, this is a bargain stock pick that alternative investors should consider.

Lithium is used for batteries in smart devices and laptops, IoT devices, electric vehicles, and solar panel installations. With lithium becoming increasingly linked to American manufacturing, energy, and overall national security, it is a prime focus for investment.

American Battery Metals Corp. is developing advanced lithium extraction processes to sustainably recover battery-grade lithium from hard rock, brine, and claystone. With the world’s lithium reserves being limited, this company’s technology could eventually give America a competitive edge over rivals.

As an over-the-counter pick, this stock lacks the financial transparency provided by exchange-listed alternatives. However, for investors who are excited by a potential five-year return close to 74%, and the recent price momentum, it’s worth considering. At its current price, a small investment could provide exposure to the company’s long-term potential.

Key Data:

  • 1 Year Price Growth: 3,223.53%
  • YTD Price Growth: -19.29%
  • 3 Month Price Growth: 27%

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