Alternative Energy The Calvert Global Energy Solutions Fund (NASDAQ: CGAEX) is a growing alternative energy fund that seeks to track the performance of the Calvert Global Energy Research Index. It offers broad exposure to some of the best-performing clean energy companies of today, making it an excellent pick for investors who are new to solar and other key energy industries.

This Alternative Energy fund is affordable with a net expense ratio of just 1.24%, coming in below the average of 1.28% for similar alternative energy funds. This fund is made up of assets in some of the best solar companies of today, including SolarEdge Technologies and First Solar. It also offers exposure to the lithium industry through Livent Corp, one of its major holdings. Livent is a leader in lithium battery technology used for solar energy storage and electric vehicles.

Although the yield on this fund is relatively small today, the real opportunity is in the growth potential. Solar energy is becoming more viable thanks to reduced costs and increased uptake. This fund has a range of $5.21 to $12.14 over the previous 52-weeks, indicating how quickly it can grow and generate investor returns.

The Calvert Global Energy Solutions Fund is a highly accessible way to invest in alternative energy, making it one of the best picks for clean energy investors today.

Key Data:

  • Total Net Assets: $117.8M
  • Yield Percentage: 69%
  • Net Expense Ratio: 24%

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