Consider Clean Energy Stock for the Upside

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (NASDAQ: CLNE) is a natural gas company that offers alternative fuel services for commercial vehicle fleets in the U.S. and Canada. The company provides natural gas and liquified natural gas through a network of fueling stations. Natural gas is cleaner than gasoline and diesel, making it ideal for fleet operators looking […]

Ford Motor Co. is Still an EV Bargain

Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) is one of the world’s largest automakers. Traditionally a producer of gas and diesel vehicles, the company is transitioning to an electric future. With the stock sitting just above $10 today, it is still a bargain and should be considered for any alternative portfolio. Unlike many of the companies in […]

A Natural Gas Stock for Bargain Investors

Central Puerto S.A. (NYSE: CEPU) is an Argentinian energy company that primarily generates from natural gas sources. Natural gas has been recognized as an important bridge between today’s energy industry and a renewable future. It produces up to 50% fewer carbon emissions when compared to coal, and it is readily available and relatively affordable to […]

Westwater Resources a Bargain Battery Stock

Westwater Resources Inc. (NYSE American: WWR) is a mineral resource company that develops graphite resources for use in the battery industry. The company is largely focused on its Coosa Project, a graphite resource in Alabama. Through its subsidiary, Alabama Graphite, the company extracts and processes natural flake-graphite for battery applications. The global battery market is […]

SPI Energy is a Solar Stock Under $10

SPI Energy Co. Ltd. (NASDAQ: SPI) is a solar company based in Shanghai China. It is engaged in the residential and commercial provisioning of solar solutions in Asia, Europe, and North America. Its solar solutions are developed for commercial, residential, government, and utility-scale use. Fully integrated, the company’s involvement ranges from financing and design to […]

Kinross Gold Could Gain as Inflation Rises

Inflation concerns are disrupting the stock market, but some picks could benefit from the rise in commodity prices. Gold is a promising target for investment because it usually rises in value along with inflation. Gold is also a strong investment from the viewpoint of alternative investors because the metal is used extensively in future-focused technologies […]

InspireMD a Promising Penny Stock

InspireMD Inc. (NYSE American: NSPR) is an Israeli medical device company that develops advanced stent technologies for the treatment of coronary and complex vascular diseases. The healthcare industry is expected to expand in the current year, creating an opportunity for InspireMD and its stock to grow. Elective and non-critical treatments were performed at a lower […]

Ultralife is Crushing Analyst Estimates

Ultralife Corp. (NASDAQ: ULBI) is a power solutions company that develops battery and energy products. These include non-rechargeable and rechargeable lithium batteries, as well as UPS systems, accessories, and charging systems. With lithium battery technology key to the consumer electronics market as well as the emerging electric vehicle market, Ultralife is a valuable bargain investment. […]

Remark Holdings is a Bargain Stock While It’s Down

Remark Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: MARK) is a technology company that develops AI solutions and custom products for a range of industries. The company’s stock has become a popular option for bargain investors, thanks to its potential for a strong upside and the company’s involvement in developing technology for the ‘new normal’ after the Coronavirus Pandemic. […]