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HONG KONG / ACCESSWIRE / August 12, 2022 / BitMonsters team is pleased to announce about the plan of launching its full-fledged ecosystem soon, with setting sights on bringing the highest passive revenue and referal rewards for users

BitMonsters, one of the best marketing platforms, offers users a wide array of investment opportunities. It intends to bring to them the most profitable investment options, ones with maximum returns, to be precise. And its track record so far seems that suggest that BitMonsters has achieved the target. With more than 5200 registered users across 45 countries, BitMonesters has already received investments worth more than $5 million. BitMonsters has conducted events in Dubai, Durban, Hanoi, and a tour in Europe to further expand its base and draw more users. These, too, have worked in its favor, with the user base growing exponentially in recent days.

The tremendous success achieved by BitMonsters can be attributed to the team behind it, be it Louis Casper Dünweber, the CEO, Leandro Marcarian, the Tokenomics Advisor, and Erick Ho, the Project Advisor. Dünweber has vast experience in the crypto space and trading in equities, both long-term and intraday. Dünwebe expertise in the field of trading, as well as his knowledge of the various issues plaguing the market, has helped BitMonsters navigate its way through the tricky initial stages and make a name for itself in the space.

BitMonsters plans to launch a full-fledged ecosystem with all the critical domains and services made available to users. The ecosystem will be created such that all the subprojects remain intertwined, and the native token on BitMonsters be used across them. Bitmonsters ecosystem consists of a platform that will offer users the latest news in the crypto space, along with groundbreaking opinions and investment advice after thorough market research.

There will be a trading platform with the most advanced tools, a crypto wallet to hold and trade the digital assets, and the BitMonsters DEX (Decentralized Exchange) for seamless conversion of one cryptocurrency into another with a multi-level referral system and the lowest transaction fee. Besides, the BitMonsters native token, to be released in the coming days, will be usable across the ecosystem and act as the means to deliver rewards. BitMonsters plans to launch the biggest crypto bank, compatible with a wide range of cryptocurrencies, a crypto card and set up ATMs for easy withdrawal of funds. Also, there’s an energy drink, car rental platform, and an online shop under development, and more information on it will be available in the coming days.

BitMonsters offers one of the best referral rewards and up to 25% as passive income to users who purchase one of the packages from the five currently available on the platform. The referral rewards work like a chain. It’s not just the number of users you invite but also the investments they make that play a critical part. The higher their investment, the more you will earn as rewards and subsequently level up on the platform. There are 17 levels in total, and as you make more investments and invite more users, you climb up the ladder and get a higher deep bonus.

Users who reach a turnover worth $100,000 can apply to set up a BitMonsters office in their region. The platform is opening offices this month in Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Austria, South Africa, and Kazan, and you could be the one setting up the next office in your country, meet potential partners, and increase your income.

Apart from these, there are rank bonuses as you level up to Rank 6 or above. Those on Rank 6 will receive an iPhone or 1000 $USDT, a Macbook or 2000 $USDT for Rank 7, Yacht Leadership in Dubai for Rank 8, an Audi or 100,000 $USDT for Rank 10, an apartment or 200,000 $USDT for Rank 11, a Rolls Royce Phantom or 500,000 $USDT for Rank 15, a villa in Dubai or 10,000,000 $USDT for Rank 16, and a Private Jet or 20,000,000 $USDT for Rank 17.

So, register on BitMonsters today, choose a package, invite your friends and other potential investors, and win these lucrative rewards as you level up.

To find out more about BitMonsters and the ecosystem its developing, visit the official website: https://bitmonsters.xyz/

Also, follow BitMonsters on all social media handles to stay updated with the recent developments and releases on the platform.

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