Clean EnergyWhile natural gas is a relatively clean energy, it doesn’t typically fall within the renewable category. This can make gas stocks taboo for alternative investors. However, Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (NYSE: CLNE) is a gas company with a unique offering. In addition to extracted natural gas, the company is expanding to offer biofuel-derived natural gas. This alternative is 100% renewable and will be able to compete with fossil fuel gas in the future. An investment in this stock is a long term pick that could pay off.

Clean Energy Fuels had a strong year in 2018. It turned around a -15.16% sales decline to post growth of 1.41%. Most importantly, gross income grew by 92.95%, leaving the company with a gross profit margin of 23.57%.

In the first quarter of this year, the company delivered 95.2 million gallons of natural gas to its customers. This was an 11.9% year over year increase. The company also landed a major contract with UPS, where it will supply 170 million gallons of renewable natural gas with seven years. This is the largest order of biofuel natural gas in history. The company’s growing profile in the market and the positive media coverage that comes from supplying renewable gas should not be underestimated.

Stock is still trading for a bargain today, so now’s a promising time for investors to buy. Long term growth could turn this relatively affordable stock into a real grower.
<h3>Key Data:</h3>
<li>1 Year Price Growth: -4.59%</li>
<li>YTD Price Growth: 98%</li>
<li>1 Month Price Growth: 47%</li>
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