Digital World Acq (NASDAQ:DWAC) – Trump Says US 'Laughing Stock All Over The World' As Supporter 'Pillow Guy' Mike Lindell Alleges FBI Seized His Phone

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, a well-known supporter of former President Donald Trump, said Tuesday that his phone was seized by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.

What Happened: “They took my phone,” Lindell said, reported the Daily Beast, saying the publication talked to him on the phone.

Lindell shared his experience on his Facebook t where he said he had stopped at a Hardee’s drive-through in Minnesota while returning from a hunting trip when cars pulled up and surrounded his vehicle by alleged FBI agents.

“I got bad news, we’re taking your cellphone,” one of the agents is said to have told Lindell, according to the Facebook post.

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Why It Matters: The executive purportedly asked the FBI agents to arrest him, but they said they were there to ask him “some questions.”

Lindell said he was asked questions about Dominion Voting Systems — a purveyor of electronic voting hardware and Douglas Frank — a high school Mathematics teacher who, according to a Washington Post report, alleged an algorithm was used to rig the 2020 elections.

The MyPillow CEO said that the FBI was looking for information regarding Dennis Montgomery — another election fraud conspiracy theorist.

It was reported earlier that the mobile phones of two top advisers to Trump — Boris Epshteyn and Mike Roman — were also seized by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Trump shared the news of the seizure of Lidell’s phone on Truth Social by saying “‘THE Pillow Guy,” was just raided by the FBI. “We are now officially living in a Weaponized Police State,” the former president added.

Screenshot From Donald Trump’s Truth Social Post

Truth Social is a part of the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG), a company set to go public through a merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp. DWAC

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