Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger Rolls Out Gaming GPU, 13th Gen Intel Core Processor: 'The True Magic Of Technology' - Intel (NASDAQ:INTC)

Intel Corp’s INTC Innovation 2022 event kicked off Tuesday morning when CEO Pat Gelsinger outlined his vision for the company’s future and announced a flurry of new product updates.

“Technology is increasingly central to every aspect of human existence,” Gelsinger said in a keynote address. 

Intel’s foundational technologies are creating a bridge from the analog world to the digital world in what Gelsinger referred to as “the true magic of technology.”

The Intel CEO highlighted a number of challenges that developers face including vendor lock-in, access to the latest hardware, productivity and security, before introducing a number of solutions to address said issues.

GPUs: “I’m delighted we don’t have one GPU to show today, we have three,” Gelsinger said.

The Intel Data Center GPU Flex Series, which was announced in August, offers a single GPU solution for a wide range of visual cloud workloads and will now run popular industry AI and deep learning frameworks. 

Gelsinger also announced that the company’s “flagship high-performance GPU,” code-named Ponte Vecchio, is now being shipped to Argonne National Laboratory to “form the brain of the Aurora supercomputer.”

Lastly, Intel said it is committed to bringing price and performance balance back to gamers with its Intel Arc graphics family. The new Intel Arc A770 GPU will be available in a variety of designs, starting at $329 on Oct. 12.

“Gamers have been losing. Today, we’re fixing that,” Gelsinger said. 

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Developer Cloud: The Intel Developer Cloud has expanded to give developers and partners early access to Intel technologies a full year ahead of product availability. 

The expanded availability aims to “win the hearts and minds of developers with early access to the latest Intel platforms for testing and evaluation,” Gelsinger said. 

Intel also announced a new Geti computer vision platform that enables anyone to quickly and easily develop effective AI models. Gelsinger said it will be commercially available in the fourth quarter. 

13th Gen Intel Core Family: Gelsinger said the new desktop processor family comes with “massive performance gains,” before touting it as the world’s fastest desktop processor. 

Led by the launch of the Intel Core “K” processors, the 13th Gen Intel Core desktop family will consist of 22 processors and more than 125 partner system designs.

The desktop processor lineup adds more E-cores and up to 41% better multithreaded performance to handle multiple, compute-intensive workloads.

Intel also announced a software solution that seamlessly connects your PC and devices called Intel Unison. Following a pairing process, users will be able to transfer files, send text messages, make phone calls and receive notifications on their PCs. 

“Developers, whether software or hardware focused, you see the future. Our job at Intel is to open that world up to you,” Gelsinger said at the closing of his keynote address.

“Together we’ve peeked into the future — one we will create together.”

INTC Price Action: Intel has a 52-week high of $56.28 and a 52-week low of $26.86.

The stock lost 0.3% Tuesday, closing at $26.89, according to Benzinga Pro.

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