Kim Jong Un Personally Exiles 5 Cops To Coal Mines For Beating Up Chief: Report

Kim Jong Un reportedly personally punished five police officers for beating up their superior officer during a departmental review. 

What Happened: Kim exiled five officers of the traffic corps to the coal mines for attacking a superior officer, sources in the country told Radio Free Asia.

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Sources told the publication that during the review meeting in October, the traffic chief took offense to some of them attending the meeting drunk and scolded them harshly.

“The drunk officers confronted their superior, telling him that he was making an issue out of a common occurrence that really wasn’t that big of a deal,” a resident of Hyesan told the publication on condition of anonymity.

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“Their emotions flared and they rushed to their chief and beat him,” the source added.

The source said that the day after the fight, the five officers were suspended and sent to the Ministry of Political Affairs for an intensive investigation that included a review of their ideology. The investigation results were reported to the Social Security Department and Kim.

“Kim Jong Un then issued a special order to punish all who were involved, and the five officers were expelled from the party, lost their jobs, and exiled to the coal mines,” the source said.

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