Local Russian Lawmakers Who Called For Putin's Removal Over Ukraine Summoned By Police

Seven Russian lawmakers who demanded President Vladimir Putin be charged with high treason over his decision to launch the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine were summoned by local police on Friday. 

What Happened: The politicians received subpoenas in the late evening of September 8, ordering them to come to the police station the next day to fill out protocols on a charge of discrediting Russian armed forces, according to Radio Free Europe, ​​a U.S. government-funded organization.

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On Wednesday, the Russian politicians from St. Petersburg’s Smolny municipal district issued calls for the impeachment of Putin after his war in Ukraine brought a tremendous loss of life and led to economic difficulties in Russia. 

They sent an official letter to the Russian Security Council and leaders of five political factions in the State Duma, demanding federal lawmakers initiate the ouster.

“The Council of the Smolninskoye Municipal District decided to appeal to the State Duma deputies with a proposal to bring charges of treason against President Putin in order to remove him from office,” Deputy Dmitry Palyuga stated in the tweet with the document.

“The decision was supported by the majority of the deputies present,” he added.

Putin, in early March, signed a law that called for lengthy prison terms for distributing “deliberately false information” about Russian military operations in Ukraine, as the Kremlin sought to control the narrative about its war that has killed thousands of civilians and soldiers.

The law also made it illegal “to make calls against the use of Russian troops to protect the interests of Russia” or “for discrediting such use,” with a possible penalty of up to three years in prison.

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Photo: Courtesy of ΝΕΑ ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑ on flickr

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