New Data On Challenges Of Working From Home; Musk May Have A Point

In June, Tesla Inc TSLA CEO Elon Musk issued a memo asking all his employees to return to the office, stating that remote work wasn’t acceptable anymore. 

Musk asked his employees to spend 40+ hours in the facilities of the company weekly, or they would be fired. Now, according to new data, Musk’s concern about working from home appear to be well-grounded. 

A survey polled 2,000 knowledge workers and found that more than 54% reported feeling pressure to show their online status.

The data says finds that Knowledge workers waste 67 minutes online each day doing menial tasks for the express purpose of “proving to their managers and colleagues that they’re available and working.”

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According to another report, people with long COVID are 54% more likely to engage in presenteeism or show up at work when they cannot fully function.  

Back in June, Musk went on Twitter to say that remote workers “should pretend to work somewhere else.”  

Talking about the work-from-home norm, Goldman Sachs Group Inc GS CEO David Solomon says that remote work is seen as no match for the office regarding learning, growth, and upward mobility. 

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