Numinus Wellness (OTC:NUMIF), Tryp Therapeutics (OTC:TRYPF), Small Pharma (OTC:DMTTF) – Psychedelics Companies Share Corporate Updates: Numinus, Delix, Tryp And Small Pharma

Numinus Updates On New Acquisition’s Integration And Provides Client Financing Options

Numinus Wellness Inc. NUMIF recently acquired psychedelics company Novamind and is successfully integrating its activities: US clinics performed solidly while client appointments grew during fiscal Q4 (the three months ended August 31, 2022). 

Numinus mental health care services include traditional therapy, counseling, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), ketamine-assisted therapy (KAT), and Canada’s SAP-approved cases of psychedelic-assisted therapy. 

During August, clinics in Canada and the US held more than six thousand patient appointments altogether, reflecting a 25% growth compared to July. Specifically, the eight US wellness clinics received almost five thousand clients. 15% of sych clients were new patients, representing an increase of 22% from the prior month.

As to the treatments required, ketamine sessions at the company’s US clinics (including KAT, spravato and ketamine medicine) grew 35% in August, compared to July, to 1,520 appointments, while demand for TMS services grew 23% in August compared to July, to 725 appointments.

Former Novamind clinical trial management division Cedar Clinical Research holds its positive operational growth: during Numinus’ fiscal 4Q, it recruited 178 clinical trial participants for 16 third-party clinical studies, a 19% increase in clinical trial participation compared to the fiscal Q3.

Additionally, a new financing option is available for Canadian patients through iFinance, with interest rates based on the applicant’s credit history. Once approved, Numinus will provide the therapy services and collect full payment from iFinance following the completion of the treatment plan.

Numinus expects the new option will increase the accessibility of its traditional therapy and ketamine-assisted therapy to a wider client population.

Tryp Therapeutics Retains IMS Investor Relations

Psilocybin-based compounds producer Tryp Therapeutics Inc. TRYPF will continue its arrangement with IMS Investor Relations, made effective on August 15, 2022, for capital markets consulting, corporate communications and strategic investor outreach.

IMS will work together with Tryp management to develop and deploy a strategic capital markets program, including refining overall company and investment-oriented messaging, ongoing strategic advice, and arranging meetings with investors and financial analysts.

Delix Therapeutics Selected As Leading Biotech Startup By Nature Biotechnology

Privately-held neuroscience firm Delix Therapeutics has recently been added to Nature Biotechnology‘s list of leading academic spinouts of 2021. 

Each year, the magazine identifies and features companies originating from academic institutions who have achieved significant initial funding demonstrating and progressing novel technology with the potential for great impact.

As for Delix, it was co-founded by David E. Olson, a UC Davis professor and current CIC, and Nick Haft. The company aims at creating a neuroplasticity platform that preserves the therapeutic effects of first-generation psychedelics while removing hallucinogenic and other unwanted side effects. 

These neuroplasticity-promoting therapeutics, also known as psychoplastogens, might be capable of rapidly inducing structural and functional reorganization of neural circuits to produce positive behavioral effects. 

Delix’s library of more than 1,300 compounds contains multiple compounds inspired by psychedelics while also cases of completely novel chemical matter unrelated to psychedelics yet maintaining the psychoplastogenic activity.

Small Pharma’s New Automatic Share Purchase Plan

Short-acting psychedelics developer Small Pharma Inc. DMTTF has agreed to an automatic share purchase plan with Eight Capital towards facilitating repurchases of its common shares under a previously announced normal course issuer bid. 

The plan has been approved by the Canadian TSX Venture Exchange and is expected to be implemented as of September 13, 2022. 

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