Galiano Gold Still Holds Potential for Bargain Investors

Investment activity in the gold market has increased in recent months, thanks to soaring prices and optimism for commodities in a global recession. With the U.S. Dollar and treasury yields facing challenges, gold is popular with mainstream investors. There are also opportunities for alternative investors seeking new bargains like Galiano. Galiano Gold Inc. (NYSE: GAU) […]

This Stock Could Benefit From the Copper Comeback

Copper is a base metal used throughout the manufacturing sector. From microprocessors to automobiles, it’s a major component. Copper is also a key ingredient used to form high-capacity lithium batteries, which are integral to the electric vehicle market and alternative energy storage. Investors looking for a complimentary pick in an alternative portfolio can consider Energy […]

A Speculative But High-Potential of Lithium Americas

Lithium stocks have fallen in value during recent market volatility. For bargain hunters, this is great news. Lithium Americas Corp. (NYSE: LAC) is one of the best picks for long-term lithium investors. Although this company is yet to generate a profit, it remains a promising option for the future. Lithium is an essential commodity for […]

Should Alternative Investors Buy Peck Co. Stock?

Peck Co. Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: PECK) is a solar energy contractor that engages in solar construction, engineering, and procurement. It was formed in 1972 as a conventional electrical contractor, before focusing its operation on solar power in recent years. Financially, Peck is growing in strength. In its last reported quarter, revenue was $11.7 million, a […]

Is American Superconductor Still a Promising Energy Investment?

The alternative energy market has slowed in 2019. While there is still long-term potential, some investors haven’t seen the growth they expected, leading to a pullout in some stocks. American Superconductor Corp. (NASDAQ: AMSC) has seen its share of volatility in the market recently, but it is still a top bargain pick with excellent long-term […]

TransAlta is an Energy Stock with Renewable Potential

TransAlta Corporation (NYSE: TAC) is a diversified energy company with interests in coal, gas, wind, solar, and hydro energy production. It operates its renewable energy business through subsidiary TransAlta Renewables (TSE: RNW). The parent company is arguably the best option for alternative investors. It is affordable, and it owns 64% of TransAlta Renewables. Through this […]

ITM Stock is Gaining as the Market Slides

During periods of volatility, high potential alternative energy stocks hold more appeal than high volume mainstream options. Heightened trade tensions are causing uncertainty in the market, but stocks like ITM Power PLC (OTC: ITMPF) are pushing through the dip. ITM is a hydrogen energy company that has consistently increased its revenue for five consecutive years. […]