Talos is Still a Bargain at Today’s Price

Talos Energy Inc. (NYSE: TALO) is an oil and natural gas company that could easily fit into an alternative portfolio. Bargain alternative investors will like this stock for its price and because of the clean aspect of its natural gas component. Natural gas is an essential transition fuel as we move from a fossil-fuel-dominated economy, […]

An Alternative Display Technology Stock

Technology stock for bargain investors are being priced out of the mainstream cannabis markets and even alternative energy, but there are still opportunities in the tech sector. eMagin Corp. (NYSE: EMAN) is an American developer of miniature OLED displays for niche applications. It creates displays and related technologies for military sights, targeting systems, and aviation […]

Quantum Corp is a Tech Stock for Bargain Investors

Technology investments are perfect for alternative investors, especially with so much activity at the bargain end of the market. Tech manufacturers have direct ties to alternative energy thanks to their focus on power efficiency and a reduction in wasted resources. Quantum Corp. (NASDAQ: QMCO) is a small technology company that manufactures custom storage devices for […]

Orocobre Lithium Stock Could Still Have an Upside

Orocobre Ltd. (OTC: OROCF) is an Australian mining company that is involved in the development of and exploration for lithium deposits. With lithium key to the batteries used in everything from consumer electronics and medical devices to electric vehicles and solar energy storage, it has become a prime focus for investment. While the company is […]

An Alternative Energy Fund for Solar Investors

The Calvert Global Energy Solutions Fund (NASDAQ: CGAEX) is a growing alternative energy fund that seeks to track the performance of the Calvert Global Energy Research Index. It offers broad exposure to some of the best-performing clean energy companies of today, making it an excellent pick for investors who are new to solar and other […]

A Traditional Fuel Stock for Alternative Investors

Alternative investors typically focus on energy bargains linked to the solar, wind, and biofuel industries. Traditional oil and gas companies aren’t often in focus, largely due to their costs and the contradiction of clean vs. dirty energy. However, a stock like BP Midstream Partners LP (NYSE: BPMP) could be used to bolster an alternative portfolio […]

Bloom Energy is a Clean Energy Stock Pick

Bloom Energy Corp. (NYSE: BE) is a clean energy company that develops solid oxide fuel cells for small and mid-scale energy production. Bloom’s devices are installed on-site and develop electricity without combustion using natural gas and biogas. Focused on an energy-efficient and low-emissions future, this company will fit right into any bargain-focused alternative portfolio. Bloom’s […]

Is Sunnova a Bargain Stock at $30?

Alternative energy investors at the bargain end of the market typically aim for stocks under $10, but there’s value to be had with some pricier picks. Sunnova Energy International Inc. (NYSE: NOVA) is one option worth considering this month. With a stock that trades at just over $30 today, it’s still affordable, and there’s a […]

Stretch the Budget for this Alternative Energy Stock

Methanex Corp. (NASDAQ: MEOH) is the world’s largest producer of methanol, a key Clean Alternative Energy Fuel. Methanol can be produced from coal and gas processing, as well as from waste to energy conversion and other clean methods. It is used for electricity, fuel cells, cooking, and as an automotive and marine fuel. For investors […]

Stretch the Investment Budget for Canadian Solar?

Although outside of traditional ‘bargain’ territory at $18.43, Canadian Solar Inc. (NASDAQ: CSIQ) is still a stock that alternative investors should consider. The stock’s recovery, an expected upside, and the efficiency of the company behind it make it one of the most promising solar stocks right now. Canadian Solar is a developer of solar panels […]