Bird Construction Stock for Bargain Investors

Construction stocks performed well in the final quarter of 2020. With an expected economic recovery in North America, the industry is likely to expand in 2021. Bird Construction Inc. (OTC: BIRDF) is a Canadian construction firm involved in commercial and institutional construction, including construction for mining and energy industries, including alternative energy. Bird Construction earnings […]

A Bargain Mining Stock for Alternative Investors

Lundin Mining Corp. (TSE: LUN) is a highly diversified Canadian mining company specializing in the extraction of copper, zinc, gold, and nickel. The alternative energy market has become more popular with mainstream investors, sending some energy investments to new price highs. Lundin represents an affordable opportunity available through U.S. brokers. The Canadian stock market is […]

A Diversified Mining Stock for Alternative Investors

Gold, silver, zinc, copper, and other metals are used in the production of solar cells, batteries, turbines, and other clean energy systems. Eldorado Gold Corp (NYSE: EGO) is a compelling bargain option for investors today, with positive movement that indicates the stock is still following a bullish path. Gold stocks are outpacing the market in […]