A Silver Stock for Bargain Portfolios

Silver is often outshone by gold as an investment. Gold has a price advantage and strong historical growth. However, silver is the more versatile metal in terms of its industrial applications. Silver is used extensively in the alternative energy market, particularly in photovoltaic panel manufacturing. It is essential to the solar industry, with one-fifth of […]

A Gold Stock for Alternative Investors

Gold and silver are two of the most valuable and most important metals found on earth. These metals can be found in automotive products, batteries, solar panels, and even microprocessors. Alternative investors looking for a strong complementary stock for their energy picks can consider Gold Resource Corp. (NYSE: GORO) in 2020. Gold Resource Corp. produces […]

Gold Resource Stock is a Dividend Pick for Alternative Investors

Gold Resource Corp. (NYSE: GORO) is a mining company based in Colorado Springs, with operations in the United States and Mexico. Alternative investors are often focused on pure-play stocks for energy and related technologies. However, mining stocks can also feature in a well-diversified portfolio, as the companies behind them are closely linked to alternative energy […]