Galiano Gold Still Holds Potential for Bargain Investors

Investment activity in the gold market has increased in recent months, thanks to soaring prices and optimism for commodities in a global recession. With the U.S. Dollar and treasury yields facing challenges, gold is popular with mainstream investors. There are also opportunities for alternative investors seeking new bargains like Galiano. Galiano Gold Inc. (NYSE: GAU) […]

This Gold Stock Has Momentum Behind It

Gold is heavily utilized in the manufacturing of semiconductors, solar panels, and battery cell products. For alternative investors, the gold market is a reliable area of investment. Gold prices have surged during the Coronavirus Pandemic, and stocks have strong momentum and more potential for growth. Eldorado Gold Corp. (NYSE: EGO) is one of the best […]

This Gold Stock is an Alternative Bargain Pick

Gold has parallels to the alternative energy industry. It is used in battery cells, solar panels, and a range of electronic components for the production and distribution of renewable energy. In addition to its connection to alternative energy, gold makes sense as an investment today because it is outperforming other options during the Coronavirus Pandemic. […]