A Complementary Mining Stock for Lithium Investors

With the importance of lithium for energy storage becoming clear to investors, bargain stocks have crept towards mainstream levels. However, there are opportunities to be found with complementary stocks, especially those backed by companies that produce other key metals used for Lithium-Ion batteries. Vale S.A. (NYSE: VALE) is one of these opportunities. The company mines […]

A Bargain Gold Pick for the Fourth Quarter

Americas Gold & Silver Corp. (NYSE: USAS) is a mining company based in Canada, with operations in Mexico and the United States. Most gold producers have seen their stocks increase in recent months, due to high gold prices. Gold is seen as a safer investment during times of volatility. There is also a high demand […]

An Affordable Lithium Stock for Alternative Investors

Orocobre Ltd. (OTC: OROCF) is an Australian lithium mining company involved in the discovery, development, and operation of lithium deposits. With lithium now a key metal used for alternative energy and electric vehicles, this bargain stock is becoming increasingly attractive to investors. Over five years, Orocobre has significantly grown its revenue and income. This reflects […]

An Alternative Lithium Stock with High Potential

Power Metals Corp. (OTC: PWRMF) is a Canadian lithium mining company that trades for pennies on the over-the-counter market today. Unlike most lithium companies that focus on brine extraction, Power Metals aims to extract lithium from hard rock deposits. While the process is more complicated and in some cases more costly, it isn’t as sensitive […]

A Bargain Mining Stock for Alternative Investors

Lundin Mining Corp. (TSE: LUN) is a highly diversified Canadian mining company specializing in the extraction of copper, zinc, gold, and nickel. The alternative energy market has become more popular with mainstream investors, sending some energy investments to new price highs. Lundin represents an affordable opportunity available through U.S. brokers. The Canadian stock market is […]

A Silver Stock for Bargain Portfolios

Silver is often outshone by gold as an investment. Gold has a price advantage and strong historical growth. However, silver is the more versatile metal in terms of its industrial applications. Silver is used extensively in the alternative energy market, particularly in photovoltaic panel manufacturing. It is essential to the solar industry, with one-fifth of […]

This Gold Stock Has Momentum Behind It

Gold is heavily utilized in the manufacturing of semiconductors, solar panels, and battery cell products. For alternative investors, the gold market is a reliable area of investment. Gold prices have surged during the Coronavirus Pandemic, and stocks have strong momentum and more potential for growth. Eldorado Gold Corp. (NYSE: EGO) is one of the best […]

This Stock Could Benefit From the Copper Comeback

Copper is a base metal used throughout the manufacturing sector. From microprocessors to automobiles, it’s a major component. Copper is also a key ingredient used to form high-capacity lithium batteries, which are integral to the electric vehicle market and alternative energy storage. Investors looking for a complimentary pick in an alternative portfolio can consider Energy […]

A Gold Stock for Alternative Investors

Gold and silver are two of the most valuable and most important metals found on earth. These metals can be found in automotive products, batteries, solar panels, and even microprocessors. Alternative investors looking for a strong complementary stock for their energy picks can consider Gold Resource Corp. (NYSE: GORO) in 2020. Gold Resource Corp. produces […]

A Bargain Investment in a Growing Lithium Company

Lithium Americas (NYSE: LAC) is a lithium mining company that is currently focusing on bringing two world-class lithium projects to production. It is 30% towards the completion of its Cauchari-Olaroz project in Argentina, with production targeted for 2021. The project will produce 40,000 tones of battery-grade lithium per year, for a period of up to […]