Talos is Still a Bargain at Today’s Price

Talos Energy Inc. (NYSE: TALO) is an oil and natural gas company that could easily fit into an alternative portfolio. Bargain alternative investors will like this stock for its price and because of the clean aspect of its natural gas component. Natural gas is an essential transition fuel as we move from a fossil-fuel-dominated economy, […]

More Upside Expected on Transalta Stock

Transalta Corp. (NYSE: TAC) is frequently seen as one of the best alternative investments for clean energy. A bargain stock and a dividend combine to make it a compelling pick. This company specializes in the production of electricity through clean sources like natural gas, hydro, wind, and solar. It operates some coal plants in the […]

Should You Splurge on Bloom Energy Stock?

Bloom Energy Corp. (NYSE: BE) stock has traded for as low as $3.00 in the last year and recently hit a high of $40. Despite being almost four times the price of what is traditionally considered “bargain” territory, this is still a top pick for small alternative portfolios. Bloom sells on-site generators that use natural […]

A Natural Gas Stock for Alternative Investors

When it comes to clean energy, renewables are typically in focus. However, as we are still transitioning from a hydrocarbon world to one where solar and wind power will be dominant, it’s important to consider the options in traditional fuels. Natural gas is a relatively clean fuel that produces fewer emissions than petroleum products or […]

A Traditional Fuel Stock for Alternative Investors

Alternative investors typically focus on energy bargains linked to the solar, wind, and biofuel industries. Traditional oil and gas companies aren’t often in focus, largely due to their costs and the contradiction of clean vs. dirty energy. However, a stock like BP Midstream Partners LP (NYSE: BPMP) could be used to bolster an alternative portfolio […]

Bloom Energy is a Clean Energy Stock Pick

Bloom Energy Corp. (NYSE: BE) is a clean energy company that develops solid oxide fuel cells for small and mid-scale energy production. Bloom’s devices are installed on-site and develop electricity without combustion using natural gas and biogas. Focused on an energy-efficient and low-emissions future, this company will fit right into any bargain-focused alternative portfolio. Bloom’s […]

Range Resources is an Affordable Natural Gas Stock

Natural gas is an important energy resource that will play a key role as America transitions to a renewable-energy future. With a 50 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emission when compared to coal, it’s a more environmentally friendly option that can be used for large scale energy infrastructure, and direct consumer applications like heating and […]

Talos Energy Stock Could Double in 2020

Alternative investors don’t need to shy away from traditional energy markets. Talos Energy Inc. (NYSE: TALO) is a bargain stock, backed by a company that is engaged in the extraction of oil and natural gas. While oil has few parallels to an alternative portfolio, natural gas is more promising because it is cleaner, more abundant, […]

A Clean Energy Alternative to Solar

Solar is often promoted as the clean energy of the future, along with wind turbine power generation. While both sources are incredibly clean and efficient once set up, they’re not the only options for investors. Natural gas is the other clean energy. It is more efficient and less environmentally destructive than oil-based fuels, and, unlike […]

A Bargain Clean Energy Stock Pick

Clean energy stocks are becoming more attractive, thanks to an increased demand for green energy worldwide. Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (NASDAQ: CLNE) is a bargain pick that investors can consider in 2020. The company produces natural gas for commercial vehicle fleets in North America. Natural gas isn’t an emission-free fuel source, but it produces around […]