A Natural Gas Stock for Bargain Investors

Central Puerto S.A. (NYSE: CEPU) is an Argentinian energy company that primarily generates from natural gas sources. Natural gas has been recognized as an important bridge between today’s energy industry and a renewable future. It produces up to 50% fewer carbon emissions when compared to coal, and it is readily available and relatively affordable to […]

A Traditional Energy Stock for Alternative Investors

Renewables represent the future of global energy generation, but their dominance is likely decades away. Traditional energy like oil and gas will power homes and businesses in the mid-term, and there’s still significant upsides to the energy stock to be had on some bargain stocks. Energy Transfer LP (NYSE: ET) is one of those stocks. […]

TransAlta is an Energy Stock with Renewable Potential

TransAlta Corporation (NYSE: TAC) is a diversified energy company with interests in coal, gas, wind, solar, and hydro energy production. It operates its renewable energy business through subsidiary TransAlta Renewables (TSE: RNW). The parent company is arguably the best option for alternative investors. It is affordable, and it owns 64% of TransAlta Renewables. Through this […]