Amtech an Interesting Pick for Solar Investors

Amtech Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: ASYS) is a global producer of solar and semiconductor manufacturing and automation solutions. Solar cell technology may only be one segment of the business, but the company’s diversification makes it interesting. Because it is engaged in both solar and semiconductor manufacturing processes, it faces less risk during market downturns in either […]

Amtech Stock Looks Strong After Earnings Call

Amtech Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: ASYS) is a bargain stock that will have relevance to alternative investors in 2019 and beyond. This company supplies thermal control devices and semiconductor products to various industries. Amtech has reported revenue growth for five consecutive years. Total growth over this period has been extremely strong. In 2014, the company made […]

Fortuna Stock Ready for Growth

Fortuna Silver Mines is one of the world’s most traded precious metals. It’s also an essential component of electronics and a range of industrial goods. Unknown to some investors is the fact that silver is also a critical aspect of the alternative energy market. Silver is used extensively for solar cell production, due to its […]