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The longest-running animated show of all time is “The Simpsons,” which airs on Fox Corp FOX. Along with its longevity that spans multiple generations of viewers, the show is also known for its weirdly accurate predictions of several global events.

An image shown on Sunday’s episode could be good news for Tesla Inc TSLA fans and investors.

What Happened: Two episodes of “The Simpsons” that aired on Sunday, Oct. 30, 2022, featured cameos from Tesla vehicles.

The episode “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” featured a Tesla Cybertruck, the company’s highly anticipated electric pickup truck. The episode is part of the show’s annual tradition of Halloween-related episodes.

The second episode that aired Sunday titled “Treehouse of Horror Presents: Not It” showcased a Tesla Model X vehicle. Well-known Simpsons character Comic Book Guy was the owner of the vehicle and in this twisted tale was married to Marge Simpson, instead of her usual husband Homer Simpson.

Users on social media were quick to point out the appearances as did the Tesla blog Teslarati.

This was not the first time Tesla had been featured on “The Simpsons” over its long run on television. CEO Elon Musk played himself in an episode during Season 26 of the show. Episode 564 titled “The Musk Who Fell to Earth” saw Musk as a friend of Homer Simpson trying to revolutionize the nuclear power plant of Springfield.

The episode aired on Fox on Jan. 25, 2015. A 2020 episode also featured a Tesla Roadster vehicle.

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Why It’s Important: Tesla doesn’t pay for advertising like its automaker rivals do. Instead, the company relies on strong brand awareness and word-of-mouth referrals. Getting a free spot on one of the most well-known television shows could continue to strengthen the brand.

“The Simpsons” predicted several real-life events, including FaceTime, a bailout of Greece, the merger of Fox and Walt Disney Co DIS, the U.S. Men’s curling team winning a gold medal and even Donald Trump becoming president.

The Cybertruck had been in the works for Tesla for years, with an announcement back in 2019. The truck had been delayed several times, which allowed several competitors such as Ford Motor Company F and Rivian Automotive Inc RIVN to get their trucks to market first.

With “The Simpsons” having a track record of predicting the future, a clip of a Cybertruck on the road could be a good sign for Tesla investors.

The Cybertruck is expected to be released in mid-2023.

Along with voicing himself on “The Simpsons,” Musk had also been featured as himself on “The Big Bang Theory,” “Young Sheldon” and “South Park.” Musk also voiced the character Elon Tusk on “Rick and Morty.” He has appeared on Saturday Night Live, as well.

TSLA Price Action: Tesla shares were down 0.43% to $227.54 at market close on Monday.

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Photo: Tesla screenshot, Fox

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