THCV For Weight Loss? Hemp Extract For Better Sleep? CBD Move Free, Arbor Hemp Launching Clinically Studied Products

CBD Move Free has partnered with Arbor Hemp, a hemp company offering clinically studied plant-sourced solutions. The partnership will initially result in the launch of two co-branded products, Sleep Soft Gels and Slim Soft Gels, which are geared toward those looking to improve sleep and curb cravings with natural, clinically studied, hemp extract supplements they can trust.

“Collaborating with Arbor Hemp is a great fit for our brand as it gives us the opportunity to add more unique, high-quality products to our existing line and serve a market that is seeing a stronger demand for best-in-class, reliable products,” stated Jonas Roeser, CEO and co-founder of CBD Move Free. “With Michael Scherr’s deep expertise in the cannabis, hemp and natural products industry paired with our growing distribution network, I’m excited to officially launch our first products and continue innovating together.”

The CBD Move Free Arbor Sleep soft gels leverage clinically studied Full Spectrum Hemp Extract to help those in need of a good night’s rest by potentially decreasing the amount of time spent waiting to fall asleep and increasing time spent in deep sleep. The product was observed in a 90-day, randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled human study that measured a variety of physical factors, such as weight, BMI, girth, anxiety, appetite, pain, mood, etc. Participants taking active doses of the Sleep product saw major improvements in sleep, especially deep sleep known as REM.

The second product to launch is the CBD Move Free Arbor Slim soft gels. The Slim product was clinically studied to aid in weight loss and naturally reduce undesirable food cravings by leveraging a rare and non-intoxicating cannabinoid, THCV, which has been shown to enhance focus and curb appetite. The product is specifically powered by Nitro-VTM, a proprietary THCV organic Varin oil. THCV has the potential to modify dopamine reward cycles and reduce the chemical incentive most people feel to consume fatty or sugary foods.

“We’re thrilled to partner with a brand like CBD Move Free to bring these clinically studied products to a wider market,” stated Michael Scherr, CEO and founder of Arbor Hemp. “There are a lot of people looking for legitimate alternatives to pharmaceuticals to battle sleep and weight issues and these two products are going to provide that while also being affordably priced.”

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