This Hydrogen Company's 5-Year Return Makes Starbucks, Ford, Microsoft, Apple, Disney, Netflix And Amazon Look Trivial

Since 1997, Plug Power Inc PLUG has helped businesses optimize their carbon footprints, and over the past 5 years, produced eye-popping returns for investors.

Since August 2017, Plug Power stock’s 5-year return has outperformed several of the world’s most popular tech and consumer discretionary stocks: Starbucks Corporation SBUX, Ford Motor Company F, Microsoft Corporation MSFT, Apple Inc AAPL, Walt Disney Co DIS, Netflix Inc NFLX and, Inc. AMZN.

Plug Power is an innovator of modern hydrogen and fuel cell technology. It has revolutionized the material handling industry with its full-service GenKey solution, which is designed to increase productivity, lower operating costs and reduce carbon footprints in a reliable and cost-effective way. 

The company’s GenKey solution couples together all the necessary elements to power, fuel and serve a customer. With proven hydrogen and fuel cell products, the company replaces lead-acid batteries to power electric industrial vehicles, such as the lift trucks customers use in their distribution centers.

Here’s how the returns break down from August 2017 to present: 

  • Starbucks is up from $53.18 to $85.73 for a return of 61.21%
  • Ford is up from $10.77 to $15.30 for a return of 42.06%
  • Microsoft is up from $72.50 to $282.91 for a return of 290.22%
  • Apple is up from $39.37 to $165.35 for a return of 319.99%
  • Disney is up from $101.99 to $106.63 for a return of 4.55%
  • Netflix is up from $171.40 to $226.78 for a return of 32.31%
  • Amazon is up from $48.40 to $140.80 for a return of 190.91%

And finally, Plug Power is up from $2.06 to $25.19 for a return of 1,122.82%

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