US Prepares Another Military Package For Ukraine As Putin Says 'No Doubt' Russia Will Win

The U.S. is preparing another major weapons package for Kyiv as Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he had “no doubt” Russia would emerge victorious in the war against Ukraine.

What Happened: The next tranche of military support will include additional artillery, ammunition and armor, likely Stryker armored combat vehicles, anonymous sources familiar with the development told Politico.

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The Biden administration is not expected to sign off on American M1 Abrams tanks, sources told the publication, adding that the reluctance is due to the logistical and maintenance challenges of the tanks.

The package is expected to unveil on Friday, as top military leaders from around the world gather in Germany to discuss ways to help Ukraine in its fight against Putin, it added.

Meanwhile, Putin, despite numerous military setbacks in Ukraine, told workers at a factory in Saint Petersburg, “You know, in this sense conceptually, in terms of achieving the final result and the victory that is inevitable, there are several things that have not gone anywhere and that are laying the foundation for our victory.”

“The unity and solidarity of the Russian people, the courage and heroism of our fighters and, of course, the work of the military-industrial sector” will secure victory, he said.

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“We have something to rely upon and this cannot but inspire that victory will be ours,” he added.

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