Vivint Vivint Solar Inc. (NYSE: VSLR) is a residential solar company that installs solar arrays and management systems. It also provides services including maintenance and system monitoring. The company is one of the most successful in the alternative energy market, having generated strong revenue growth for the last five consecutive years. In 2018, revenue was up 8.32% for a total of $290.32 million.

Stock has rallied in 2019 but has declined when looking at data over the last three months. This puts it at a competitive price that will appeal to bargain investors today. Low cost of traditional energy has left solar only mildly competitive. Even so, demand is still expected to grow over the next decade. As solar becomes more viable, companies like Vivint will have potential for exponential growth.

This stock doesn’t pay a dividend, and earnings haven’t yet caught up with market capitalization. Any investor buying this stock today should be prepared for a long holding. Even so, most alternative investors recognize that gains can take some years to materialize. In terms of potential and current strength, there are few stocks as appealing as Vivint Solar.

Key Data:

  • 1 Year Price Growth: 55%
  • YTD Price Growth: 45%
  • 3 Month Price Growth: -19.14%

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