Edward Snowden Says Singling Out TikTok For China Link 'Entirely The Wrong Move'

Edward Snowden says singling out ByteDance-owned TikTok just because of its links to China is “entirely the wrong move.”

What Happened: Snowden made his comments on Twitter on Tuesday and said instead of banning a company or a country, the practice of privacy violation should be banned.

“Make the systematic and exploitative collection of people’s private details unlawful. Under *any* flag,” said the former computer security consultant.

Why It Matters: Snowden shared a blog post by Malwarebytes Labs’ senior content writer Jovi Umawing, which touched on Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Brendan Carr calling on Apple Inc AAPL and Alphabet Inc GOOGL GOOG subsidiary Google to ban TikTok from their stores.

Carr termed TikTok an “unacceptable national security risk” and sought compliance from the two U.S. tech giants.

This month, TikTok said China-based employees can access data of users in the United States under certain circumstances, however, subject to what it called “robust cybersecurity controls and authorization approval protocols” overseen by its US-based security team.

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