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Egencia has integrated its chat tool into messaging service Slack, on both its mobile and desktop platforms, the travel technology platform announced.

Both traveler and travel manager users of Egencia Chat, an AI-powered virtual assistant launched in 2019, now can activate the service within Slack. Travelers, for example, can change travel dates with the tool, while travel managers can use it to approve and reject bookings or request more information from travelers. The feature also can respond to simple questions by providing relevant help articles, while more complex questions are moved to Egencia travel consultants, according to Egencia.

During the past month, a select group of Egencia customers have been testing the integration in a pilot project. One pilot customer, Kristin Neibert, in a statement said the integration “brings welcome efficiencies.”

“If colleagues are using Slack to discuss where to stay on a business trip, we can just search for the best hotel within Slack and book it there and then,” she said. “And if plans change, you don’t have to pick up a phone, go on hold, play phone tag or wait for a support email.”

Egencia reports that Egencia Chat in 2021 had more than 75,000 users who used it for 125,000 total chat interactions, both virtual and with consultants. Slack, meanwhile, reports use by more than 600,000 businesses around the world.

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