Elon Musk Says This One Union Has 'So Much Power Over The White House' It Can Exclude Him From Meetings

In a recent interview, Tesla Inc TSLA CEO, Elon Musk said about the UAW (the United Auto Workers labor union), “They have so much power over the Whitehouse, they can exclude Tesla from an EV (Electric Vehicle) summit.” The referenced EV summit was held in August of 2021, where President Joe Biden discussed the promising future of Electric Vehicles.

While President Biden has now referenced Tesla when discussing the future of EVs, that wasn’t always the case. President Biden lauded the likes of Ford Motor Company F and General Motors Company GM for being American-made and the future of the county.

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Knowing what we know now, the praise feels especially tone-deaf and exclusive, given the recent reports from cars.com citing Tesla as the most American-made manufacturer, who landed more cars in the top ten of ‘American Made Models’ than any other manufacturer.

Musk also said in an interview that “In case that wasn’t enough, then you have President Biden with Mary Barra at a subsequent event, congratulating Mary for having led the EV revolution.” Musk continued “I believe it was in the same quarter that GM delivered 26 Electric Vehicles, and Tesla delivered 300,000.”

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Musk confronted some of the perceived slights in a reply to a tweet from President Biden, in January of this year.

Musk is part billionaire, part Twitter troll, but 100% competitive. He understands business, and is looking for respect. Love him or hate him, he and his companies have significantly altered our present and will heavily imprint our future.

“Build back better” is still a moniker that President Biden belives in and is actively attempting to push forward. Seemingly, all EV manufacturers stand to benefit from any future bills, laws, etc., with Tesla, once again, leading the pack.

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Photo: Courtesy of Tesla Owners Club Belgium on Flickr

Original publication: 2022-06-28

Image and article originally from www.benzinga.com. Read the original article here.