EXCLUSIVE: FalconX Responds To $17M Transfer Mislabeled As Alameda/FTX Funds

FalconX wants to correct the record. Over the weekend, Benzinga and other publications reported a $17 million USDC deposit in FalconX from a wallet attributed to Alameda Research.  

The crypto trading platform has since been clarified since that although the sender was marked Alameda Research, it was mislabeled.

FalconX emailed Benzinga, with a spokesperson stating: “$17M FalconX transfer was mislabeled as Alameda by Nansen and Etherscan. The wallet labeled as Alameda belongs to institutional crypto exchange FalconX, and was mislabeled as belonging to Alameda by both Nansen and Etherscan.”

The FalconX spokesperson added, “The first wallet, labeled as Alameda Counterparty: 0xe31 by blockchain analytics firm Nansen, is a FalconX client that’s not related to Alameda Research or FTX. That wallet sent $17 million USD Coin (USDC) to one of FalconX’s wallets (0x600), which was misattributed to Alameda Research on Etherscan and Nansen. That wallet then sent the funds to another FalconX wallet.”

FalconX tweeted, “FalconX is not trading / transacting with Alameda. We have no exposure to Alameda research as previously disclosed. We have the KYC/AML details and the UBOs associated with this address which clearly show they are in no way associated with Alameda.”

In the same article, Benzinga reported that FalconX had stopped using Silvergate Exchange Network (SEN). They said at the time it was due to “extreme caution,” but it should be noted that FTX was a major client to Silvergate.

After approximately two days of pausing the service, FalconX has announced that they have resumed using Silvergate services

Photo: Courtesy of Harry Burgess from Pixabay.

Image and article originally from www.benzinga.com. Read the original article here.