Federal Agencies To Fund Minor Cannabinoids Research, California Bill On Safe Drug Consumption Sites Reaches Governor & More Cannabis Updates

Federal Health Agencies To Fund Studies On Minor Cannabinoids & Terpenes 

Several federal health agencies once again confirmed they will support research into the therapeutic potential of “minor cannabinoids” and cannabis terpenes. 

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) together with eight of its component agencies issued a notice of special interest (NOSI) on July 27, with the title “Promoting Mechanistic Research on Therapeutic and Other Biological Properties of Minor Cannabinoids and Terpenes.”

Per the notice, minor cannabinoids are considered any from the marijuana plant other than delta9 THC. Cannabinoids of special interest include delta-8 THC, Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabichromene (CBC), cannabichromevarin (CBDV), tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), Tetrahydrocannabivarin acid (THCVA), tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), carmagerol, cannabicitran, sesquicannabigerol. To date, most of these cannabinoids have been poorly researched. 

 “This NOSI intends to support highly innovative basic and/or mechanistic studies in appropriate model organisms and/or human subjects aiming to investigate the impact of minor cannabinoids and terpenes on mechanisms underlying their therapeutic effects,” the notice says. “Preclinical studies of combinations of minor cannabinoids with terpenes or other natural products that may enhance their therapeutic benefits and/or abate unwanted effects are encouraged.”

California Senate Approves Safe Drug Consumption Site Bill Sending It To Governor 

The measure to authorize safe consumption sites for illicit drugs, through certain jurisdictions in California as part of a pilot program was approved in Senate on Monday, and it is now heading to the Governor’s desk. 

The legislation from Sen. Scott Wiener (D), passed by the full Senate last year, was first introduced in 2020. 

“The Senate just gave final approval to our bill (SB 57) to authorize safe consumption sites in SF, Oakland & LA. It now heads to the Governor,” Sen. Winer said in a Tweet. “We’re seeing an escalation in overdose deaths. These sites are a proven strategy to save lives & get folks into treatment. It’s time.”

The initial volunteer pilot program under this bill would last through January 1, 2028. 

Majority Of Missouri Voters Support Cannabis Legalization, New Poll Reveals 

A majority of Missouri voters support the legalization of adult-use cannabis, according to a new poll from SurveyUSA, which questioned 2,000 registered voters. Per the poll findings, some 62% of Missourians favor marijuana legalization, versus 26% who oppose it. 

On the political side, some 47% of Republicans also back marijuana reform, compared to 78% of Democrats who support it. 

The survey results come on the heels of recent struggles to collect enough signatures to place a cannabis reform initiative on the November ballot. First, the initiative seemed to have been short on signatures in four congressional districts but based on recent reports they’re now behind in only two districts. They need to collect a signature threshold in at least six of the state’s eight congressional districts to make the ballot. Activists are optimistic about reaching that goal. 

“We’re very confident we’re going to make the ballot,” Alan Zagier, a spokesperson for Legal Missouri 2022, previously told Benzinga.

Arkansas Officials Confirm Cannabis Legalization Initiative Has Turned In Enough Signatures For November Ballot

Cannabis advocates in Arkansas have turned in the necessary number of valid signatures to place a recreational cannabis initiative on the state’s ballot this coming fall, reported The Associated Press.

A spokesman for the secretary of state’s office said that activists managed to collect 89,151 valid signatures from registered voters thereby meeting the requirements to place the initiative on the November ballot. The proposal’s popular name and ballot title still must be approved by the state Board of Election Commissioners to qualify for the ballot.

The board is expected to review the measure on Wednesday.

Supporters of the initiative submitted more than double the required number of signatures, or around 192,000, that seeks to allow adults over 21 to possess up to one ounce of marijuana. 

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