Russian Soldiers Call Putin 'A Fool' On Intercepted Calls: 'The Stupidest Decision Our Government Ever Made'

The New York Times has released a detailed report on the Intercepted calls made by Russian soldiers in Ukraine, talking about the widespread atrocities they face and how they are displeased over President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade.

According to the NYT, the intercepted calls made in March by dozens of Russian troops stationed in and around the town of Bucha on the outskirts of Kyiv are between the troops and their loved ones back home. 

Ukrainian law enforcement agencies initially intercepted the calls before the newspaper caught hold of them. 

The troops were not authorized to make such calls, but they used 22 phones to call and speak about what was happening on the frontlines in the early days of the Ukraine invasion.

“Mom, this war is the stupidest decision our government ever made, I think,” the NYT quoted one soldier as telling his mother.

The soldier also told his mother only 38 of a group of 400 paratroopers deployed by Moscow had survived. 

Another soldier openly criticized Putin as a “fool” for ordering the Ukraine invasion.

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“They told us that, where we’re going, a lot of civilians are walking around. And they gave us the order to kill everyone we see,” one of the soldiers was quoted saying in a call with his girlfriend.

Some of the soldiers also complained about the tactical failure of the Russian troops. Looking at the scene, some suggested they were considering deserting but feared facing prosecutions.

“Putin is a fool. He wants to take Kyiv. But there’s no way we can do it,” NYT quoted an additional soldier saying.

In a recent pop concert in Moscow, Putin told guests that Russia would achieve victory in its war on Ukraine.

On the other hand, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has pledged to retake all Ukrainian territory held by Russia, regardless of Russia’s decree annexing four partially occupied regions of Ukraine.

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