A Bargain Wind Power Stock With an Upside

Wind is one of the cleanest ways to generate energy, and the demand for turbines is increasing globally. Broadwind Inc. (NASDAQ: BWEN) is a manufacturing company that designs and produces components and towers for wind turbines. It is a leader in its market, and its stock has rallied in 2020. Broadwind turned around a series […]

Spend More While Solar Stocks are Down?

Bargain alternative stock investors typically aim for picks in the sub-$10 range, but the current market has created conditions that make some pricier stocks more appealing. First Solar Inc. (NASDAQ: FSLR) dropped almost 10% on Monday, following a slide in oil prices that made traditional energy more appealing in the short term. Is now the […]

Hydrogenics $10 On this Fuel Cell Stock?

$10 is the ceiling for many alternative energy investors, especially considering that the industry is young and full of opportunity at the bottom. However, ignoring some of the higher-end bargains could result in missed opportunities, particularly when it comes to companies like Hydrogenics Corp (NASDAQ: HYGS). Hydrogenics Corp. is a developer of hydrogen energy technology. […]

Orion Energy a Complementary Stock for Alternative Portfolios

Commercial lighting is often overlooked by investors in the alternative energy market. While it’s natural to gravitate towards the innovative energy producers, there’s a lot of value to be gained by investing in the companies that make power-efficient products. Orion Energy Systems Inc. (NASDAQ: OESX) is a lighting manufacturer and installer that serves the commercial […]

American Superconductor a Bargain Energy Stock

If you’re looking for a promising alternative energy stock under $10, American Superconductor Corp. may have just missed your radar. While stock price has fallen as low as $4.84 in the current 52-week period, the price today sits just over the $10 threshold. This doesn’t mean that this stock should be ignored. It’s still a […]

Spark a Bargain Stock in Renewable Energy

Spark Energy (NASDAQ: SPKE) is a retail electricity and natural gas operator that serves over 1 million customers throughout the contiguous United States. The company supplies up to 6 million megawatts/h annually, as well as the equivalent of 18 million BTU of natural gas. The company first went public in Q3 of 2014. Since then, […]

A Growing Penny Stock in Sunergy Solar Energy

China Sunergy Co. Ltd. (OTC: CSUNY) is a growing company that specializes in the production of cells used to harvest solar energy. Based in China, the company sells its products internationally to wholesale customers. Solar power is seen as one of the most important forms of renewable energy for the 21st century. Solar devices are […]

Renewable Energy Investment with Lithium Americas

Electrification through renewables relies on battery cell storage. In turn battery cells rely on lithium. Mining company Lithium Americas Corp (NYSE: LAC) is a major supplier to alternative energy companies in the United States. Stock is outperforming expectations and it’s worth a closer look. There’s a growing market for renewable energy both in the United […]