General Electric Stock Ready for Expansion in 2021

General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) has seen its stock steadily recover in recent months, gaining more than 70% over the last quarter. This diversified company offers industrial power products, renewable energy technologies, aviation equipment, healthcare products, and capital services. It is one of the best bargain picks for alternative investors. General Electric stock has momentum […]

A Mineral Stock with a Dividend Yield

Alternative investors can look to the mineral market to find bargain stocks related to future technology and renewable energy. As the demand for minerals, clean energy and electric vehicles rises, so too does the demand for metals like nickel, copper, and cobalt. Altius Minerals Corp. (OTC: ATUSF) has exposure to all of these metals through […]

Range Resources is an Affordable Natural Gas Stock

Natural gas is an important energy resource that will play a key role as America transitions to a renewable-energy future. With a 50 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emission when compared to coal, it’s a more environmentally friendly option that can be used for large scale energy infrastructure, and direct consumer applications like heating and […]

BP Is a Surprising Pick for Alternative Investors

BP PLC (NYSE: BP) is a multinational oil and gas company headquartered in the United Kingdom. It is involved in both upstream and downstream segments, from oil extraction to refining, delivery, and retail. While the stock has struggled this year, there are reasons to invest in this pick while it’s down. BP is continuing to […]

General Electric Stock a Long Term Rebound Pick

General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) is a highly diversified technology and financial services company. Its main business segments include power generation, renewable energy, healthcare, and aviation. While the stock has declined in recent years, now could be the best time to pick it up at a bargain price. The aviation division of the company is […]

VivoPower is a Long Term Solar Pick

Solar power companies aren’t receiving the same kind of investor attention as they were a year ago, but there’s still a strong argument for investing in bargain stocks while the market grows. Renewable energy generation is expected to overcome traditional sources like coal and gas by 2050. Companies that develop a strong footing now will […]

TransAlta a Strong Bet for Renewable Energy

Renewable energy stocks are becoming more attractive as consumers and governments continue to ramp up their purchasing from clean sources. TransAlta Corporation (NYSE: TAC) is currently one of the top renewable stocks to consider, with a bargain price and strong fundamentals behind it. TransAlta isn’t strictly a renewable company. It generates electricity through wind, hydro, […]

Is Canadian Solar Worth Its Price?

With significant growth in the solar energy industry, finding appealing bargain stocks is becoming rarer. Many investors are being forced to look outside the traditional bargain bin, which cuts off around $10. However, for those who are willing to go for the pricier picks, there are still options that can be considered bargains. Canadian Solar […]

SunRun Still a Bargain at $15

SunRunRenewable energy consumption is expected to grow at a rate of 3.1% per year until at least 2050. By that time, renewables will lead the market, eclipsing petroleum, coal, natural gas, and other traditional sources. Investors can find plenty of bargain renewable energy stocks on the market today, but few are as convincing as SunRun […]

This Mainstream Electric Company is an Alternative Pick

Power generation and distribution company Enel Americas S.A. (NYSE: ENIA) sells for a bargain on the stock market, and it’s a strong pick for any investor looking for a stake in the energy sector. Enel Americas has relevance for alternative investors who are focused on clean and renewable energy. The company generates 56% of its […]