Tesla Motors (TSLA) – New Tesla Wait Times Drop In China Soon After Factory Upgrades

All auto manufacturers have had trouble delivering vehicles the past year with supply chain issues affecting computer chips, metal, and many other vehicle parts.

Tesla Inc. TSLA has had its issues as well. The Elon Musk-led company is still working to pump out more vehicles and continues to ramp up production at its many relatively new factories around the world. 

According to Tesmanian, Gigafactory Shanghai is back with a vengeance after its temporary government-mandated shutdown last quarter due to Covid-19. Wait times for new vehicles from the factory have dropped by as much as 6 weeks in the country. After the Covid-19 shutdown, Tesla opted for a voluntary shutdown of the factory to introduce upgrades that would bring the factory up to 21,000 vehicles produced per week. 

All trims besides the base Model Y have had their delivery time estimates reduced. The base Model Y is still a 1-4 week wait. Meanwhile, the long-range Model Y is 10-14 weeks, while all Model 3 variants have a 6-10 week wait time. While this is still quite a wait compared to walking into a dealer and picking something off the lot, Tesla’s increased production capacity seems it could be influencing wait times in a positive way. 

Image and article originally from www.benzinga.com. Read the original article here.