These Discontinued Apple Products May Make A Comeback Soon

Some Apple Inc AAPL products, like the iMac Pro, the full-sized HomePod, and the 12-inch MacBook, are already discontinued. 

If rumors are to be believed, these Apple products may once again become available to consumers.

Apple discontinued its 12-inch MacBook variation in 2019, similarly, the company ended the production of its two products, the iMac Pro and the full-sized HomePod speaker.

Apple indicated that it discontinued the HomePod to shift its focus to the HomePod mini.

Talking about the iMac Pro, Apple discontinued its production in 2021. The company said that most of its Mac customers prefer its 27-inch iMac.

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Rumors are that Apple is again aiming to bring back the iMac Pro with its in-house silicon chips. 

Bloomberg Technology reporter Mark Gurman earlier this year tweeted that Apple is working on bringing back the iMac Pro or a larger iMac as early as next year. 

Mac Rumors has mentioned that it might run the upcoming M2 Pro and M2 Max chips.

About the 12-inch MacBook, Apple is considering bringing this product back to the market. Gurman mentioned in a tweet that Apple is looking to relaunch the 12-inch variant sometime in 2024.

The Verge has reported Apple is planning to release the new HomePod after working on the HomePod mini. 

The HomePod is predicted to sport a new display and multitouch functionality.

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