TMR Foresees Notable Surge in E-Scrap Recycling Market Over Next Decade

Energy efficiency is a topic that continues to dominate industry conversations, as prices continue to skyrocket throughout Europe.

SEATTLE (Scrap Monster): PPDS announced that it will introduce a new strategy to help customers reduce electronic waste, strengthen green credentials and to reconfigure and reduce packaging for a softened environmental impact. 

Speaking at PPDS’ Global Access: Future Tech international event, Martijn van der Woude, head of global business development and marketing, PPDS, declared that the company will continue to develop more energy efficient products, reconfiguring and reducing its packaging and providing greater access to information related to energy consumption. 

Energy efficiency is a topic that continues to dominate industry conversations, as prices continue to skyrocket throughout Europe. 

Van der Woude vowed to take additional measures in 2023, extending the company’s focus on delivering energy-conscious product to market and lowering the cost of ownership to customers. 

Van der Woude commented: “Sustainability has always been of great importance to us at PPDS. We’re proud of what we have achieved to date, and we feel it is our duty and our responsibility, both to customers – who are calling for this – and to the planet, to do even more. And we encourage our competitors to do the same.

“Collaborating closely with our partners, we will be working hard to ensure that our existing and future Philips professional display products and solutions continue to provide best-in-class experiences, while also delivering on lowest energy consumption and reduced impacts throughout product lifecycles, including the use of recycled and recyclable materials, and the carbon neutrality of products.”


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