A Hi-Tech Cannabis Investment in TruTrace Stock

The cannabis industry is growing quickly, and it needs new innovations and technologies to support it. TruTrace Technologies Inc. (OTC: TTTSF) is one company that is helping to facilitate the rise of legal cannabis. It provides unique blockchain solutions to producers, and while it is unproven today, it has the potential to become one of […]

A Growing Penny Stock in Sunergy Solar Energy

China Sunergy Co. Ltd. (OTC: CSUNY) is a growing company that specializes in the production of cells used to harvest solar energy. Based in China, the company sells its products internationally to wholesale customers. Solar power is seen as one of the most important forms of renewable energy for the 21st century. Solar devices are […]

Zix Corp A Bargain Tech Stock for Your Portfolio

Alternative stock investments sometimes appear in the industries you would least expect. The technology industry is often seen as highly saturated and dominated by the usual big players. However, companies like Zix Corp. (NASDAQ: ZIXI) show that there are still gains to be made at the low end. If you’re interested in the tech sector […]

Vivint A Residential Solar Company for Your Portfolio

Vivint Solar Inc. (NYSE: VSLR) is a Utah based company that specializes in residential solar installation. The company provides a turnkey service that includes everything from permits and other paperwork, to installation and a monitoring/warranty service. Companies like Vivint can increase the appeal of home solar energy by making the process simpler for homeowners. There’s […]

SunPower An American Solar Stock Pick with Strong Growth

The United States has a growing solar energy market, and it’s home to some of the most innovative solar companies of this generation. An alternative energy investment portfolio needs to have a solar component, and SunPower Corp. (NASDAQ: SPWR) is a compelling option. This bargain stock has grown steadily, despite negative EPS (earnings per share). […]

American Cannabis Ready for Investment?

Cannabis stocks experienced a surge on the market last year, before cooling off during a period of volatility in the last quarter. While stocks haven’t quite matched their peaks of 2018, there is still opportunity for long term growth. American Cannabis Co. Inc. (OTC: AMMJ) is a bargain penny stock with exciting potential. The company […]