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Early Access release launching August 4, 2022 in English, Japanese, and Chinese

TOKYO, JAPAN / ACCESSWIRE / July 21, 2022 / HexaDrive Inc. (main office: Osaka, Japan; president: Masakazu Matsushita), the Japanese developers of FINAL FANTASY XV, BIOHAZARD 7, and SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE will be launching VOIDCRISIS, an original title developed in-house, on Steam Thursday, August 4, 2022.

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VOIDCRISIS is a tower offense game that features undulating, variable-height fields with up to four players. Players control VA (Vital Armor) robots that look like they came straight out of model-kit box art as they tackle the Voidcrisis, a phenomenon caused by a crack in time on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto.

・Work together to emerge victorious in tough battles!

Each stage features huge waves of enemies that become stronger as time passes. Your mission is to work with your allies to defeat the enemy waves and complete the stage. To claim victory, you’ll have to show off your piloting skills as well as your spatial awareness, strategic thinking, and intra-party cooperation. Additional modes are unlocked as you progress through the game, letting you enjoy even more innovative play.

・Dynamic Mechanical Art Shader: A fresh new visual approach

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The Dynamic Mechanical Art Shader reproduces the CGI box art seen on robot model kits for the VAs in this game. The Vital Armors that players control feature a level of detail never before seen in robot games. Take a screenshot of a game highlight, and you’ll capture a beautiful frame that’d look right at home on a hobbystore shelf.

・Featuring the voice of Nana Mizuki and a talented team of creators

Nana Mizuki provides the voice for the character Aegis, while Beau Billingslea (Cowboy Bebop) and Kyle Hebert (Demon Slayer)headline the English-language voice cast. The game’s setting was created by sci-fi author Yuya Takashima, with art direction provided by illustrator Hiroyuki Yamamoto.

VOIDCRISIS, HexaDrive’s first completely in-house original title, was developed to commemorate the fifteenth anniversary of the company’s founding. Everyone on the team hopes you’re looking forward to it.

VOIDCRISIS will also be exhibited at the Bit Summit X-Roads event, held in Kyoto on August 6-7, 2022.

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In A.D. 2222, humanity-weary from fighting two galactic wars and still divided into seven warring factions-is about to construct a new kind of artificial battlefield known as the Fight Domain. With it, a new, localized struggle for the fate of the planets is about to begin.

Pilots (called Stringers) from all seven factions in the solar system are dimensionally transferred into the Fight Domain, strapped into their bio-engineered Vital Armor (VA) battle robots. However, as the final experiments are being conducted in the Fight Domain, mysterious photon-driven beings known as the Non-Carbide appear on Jupiter’s moon, Callisto. Time in the Fight Domain is now frozen as it begins to expand. HMC, the Heliosphere Management Committee, asks the seven warring factions to send out their most elite units to combat the Non-Carbide as a battle to regain time itself is about to begin!

Product information

Platform: Steam
Languages: Japanese, English, simplified Chinese (voices in Japanese and English)
Genre: Undulation tower offense
Release date: August 4, 2022 (Steam Early Access edition)
Copyright display: ©2022 HEXADRIVE Inc.
Official YouTube channel:
Official Discord server:
Steam store:

Company information

Name: HexaDrive Inc. URL:
President: Masakazu Matsushita.
Location: Parks Tower 28F, 2-10-70 Nanbanaka, Naniwa-ku, Osaka
Established: February 2007

For inquiries about this release please contact:
[email protected] or [email protected]

SOURCE: HexaDrive Inc.

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