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Hardwood Floors by Fabian Expands its Family-Oriented Business to Provide More Homeowners with Affordable Flooring to Increase Home Value and Happiness

FISHKILL, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 31, 2022 / During the pandemic, more U.S. households than ever decided it was time to change up their living spaces with home remodeling projects. According to a joint report from the National Association of Realtors and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry Americans spent $420 billion on home improvement ventures in 2020. Of the many projects, most were motivated by a desire to make the home more attractive to live in and increase the property value in the long term.

The report took a closer look at 19 home improvement projects to assess why a homeowner remodels, the outcome of taking on projects, the cost, and the increased happiness in the home once a project is completed. The biggest takeaway from the report: hardwood floors are the best project a homeowner can embark on.

According to the results, hardwood floor refinishing and installation had the most significant value. These projects also had high Joy Scores (determined based on the happiness homeowners experience after their renovations are complete) among homeowners. Also, hardwood flooring significantly increases the value of the home because homebuyers love the look and practicality.

The demand from homeowners for a fresh look with new flooring has been the catalyst for many remodeling companies expanding their reach. Hardwood Floors by Fabian, a New York-based flooring company that provides hardwood floor installations, repairs, and refinishing, is a local flooring company that has adjusted to the influx of homeowners hoping to find an affordable way to reimagine their homes.

To keep up with the demand and expand their customer reach, Hardwood Floors by Fabian designed a model that helps homeowners with a limited budget afford their services. This financial model not only meets the needs of more people but also provides more homeowners with access to a major investment in their homes.

While renovated hardwood floors statistically increase the resale value of a house, the other appeal is that hardwood flooring creates a strong sense of happiness among homeowners. According to the 2022 Remodeling Impact Report, hardwood floor refinishing received a 10 Joy Score (on a 1-10 scale) from participating homeowners. The report also found that 64% of those polled answered that they have an increased sense of enjoyment at home now that their hardwood flooring is installed. This statistic is apparent based on the reviews from many remodeling companies that install and refinish hardwood floors.

“Customers are always very happy to have a local company helping them to restore their old floors with new hardwood,” says Fabian Teran, the owner of Hardwood Floors by Fabian. “They always tell us that it gives them a sense of a HOME, not just a house.”

With a sense of joy, accomplishment, and long-term value, it is statistically demonstrable that installing or refurbishing hardwood floors is the best investment homeowners can make. And local, family-oriented companies like Hardwood Floor by Fabian are making the investment much more affordable for homeowners hoping to turn their house into a home.


Hardwood Floors by Fabian is a family-oriented business specializing in hardwood floor installations, repairs, and refinishing. The New York-based company started in Poughkeepsie in 2003, offering to homeowners in our area sanding and installations for a very low price. They specialize in the application of Rubio Monocoat products (Oil 2 Plus C and Pre-Color Easy).
The professionals at Hardwood Floors by Fabian believe in simplicity and honesty and work as a family to deliver the best flooring options to all their clients.


Fabian Teran
Owner of Hardwood Floors by Fabian
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (845) 430-1356

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